Who Am I

I am an all around web, app & system developer with several years of professionel experience;
- Bursting with passion, ideas, hard work and enthusiasm.

Maja Tølløse

Maja Tølløse

I am a forty-four-year old woman who spends far too much time with my computer, building and designing web-and mobile sites, cross platform applications and exploring new technologies.
My roles varies from project to project. From lead-developer to being a part of agile scrum team. From project owner to project member. From director to employee.
When I'm not hacking away at a keyboard I am trying to stay fit, walk the dog and defending my title as the worst cook ever. The latter has been tested quite a lot.

Pitches / Requirements / Meetings / Training / Helping

New Ideas / Learning / Planning / Problem Solving

Coding / Creating / Experimenting

Testing / Improving / Documenting / Correcting

Work - Play

Friends / Trips Around / Net Socializing / Partners

New Destinations / Old Destinations / Exploring / Sun

Reading / Running / Music / Dogs / Eating out / IT

Sleeping / Watching Tele / Dreaming



No, I didn't begin developing small applications on a commodore 64 at the age of 10;
It was pure coincidence that my career followed this track, and suddenly it all made sense.


PHP / MySQL / Javascript / CSS / XHTML / Objective-C / Java / Titanium Appcellerator / Phonegap / JQuery / Apache / Photoshop / Selenium / Wordpress / Joomla / CodeIgniter / SEO / HTML5 / Sencha Touch / Bootstrap / Mongo DB / Node.js / JQuery Mobile / XML / JSON / Ajax / Flash / Knockout.js / Web 2.0 / Drupal / Responsive Design / @Less / $SaSS / Symphony / React / Redux / C# / Java / React Native

Skills & Expertise

From getting and idea to make it succeed! Below is a short list of some of the areas in which I specialize:

  • System Development
  • Product Management
  • Lead Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Usability

I like to stay focused on creating experiences, making applications better, smarter and easier to use.
- It doesn´t allways have to be art. It has to be done.



  • Wmen.dk - a special chemistry

Wmen.dk - a special chemistry

The unique online meetingplace in Denmark for women who loves women

The idea

One by-product of our increasingly connected world is a very long list of ways to get in touch, date and network. It is not however allways easy for gay women to date and network online in a safe and encapsulated enviroment, as major dating sites are generally heterosexually oriented.

The idea of Wmen.dk was born back in my head in 2006 when I investigated the market for online alternatives. It came clear that there was a need for an alternative social site - women only.

The solution

The initial solution of Wmen.dk launched in late fall 2006, and was based on a quite simple member system. A dedicated site with women-only access including chat, forum, emails and a handfull of other features made it possible for alikes to interact on a free basis.

Wmen.dk is not ment to be a site with a zip-million features and settings. Its all about getting in touch in an safe, easy and relaxed enviroment; A high degree of usability is taken in consideration.

The results

Working with four incredible partners I relaunced Wmen.dk in August 2012, recoded and developed in a record time. The unique dating service become an instantly success again, including 500 signups within the first two months.

Wmen.dk has been have been called “the best ever launched” by our users, leaving no uncertainty that our next goal can be accomplished: to expand in Scandinavia and be the best online meetingplace for even more women.



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Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss future projects or general ideas.

Maja Tølløse web.app.mobile.developer
2400 Copenhagen

tel +45 22 43 79 36
cvr 28 20 98 35

I am currently busy & booked until Q3 2018